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FOOD CONSULTING SERVICES (This service is no longer available)

When launching a new food product, food companies need to be certain their product is safe for general consumption. To be approved for public sale, food manufacturers will need to meet a number of regulatory requirements or third-party certifications. This process can be confusing — and our team can help.

With decades of experience in the industry, our qualified technicians are able to provide expert guidance in all areas of food safety and quality control. We can help ensure that your products and packaging meet the necessary standards by providing guidance in areas including:

  • HACCP Canada certification
  • New SFCR regulations
  • Regulatory compliance planning
  • Routine environmental monitoring
  • Environmental sampling plans
  • Methods validation
  • Investigative analysis
  • Contaminant source tracking
  • And more…

Our consulting services can be paired with microbiological or chemistry testing to provide a complete solution for your food products. Ask our team to visit your plant for an on-site assessment today.

Our expertise in wastewater and biosolids allow us to also assist food companies with their waste management system. Visit the Environmental Consulting page for further details.

Start working with our team of food safety consultants today.

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