Microbiological testing for air,
soil, and water samples.


Microbiological testing is an important tool for a range of applications. At Integrated Explorations, we provide testing to assess the microbiological safety of production plant environments, the efficiency of waste treatment processes, bioremediation effectiveness, and much more.

Our microbiological laboratory offers environmental testing for all kinds of air, soil, and water samples, providing microbial identification, biodegradability testing, plate counts, and rapid detection for pathogens in water.

Microbial Identification

Using microbial testing, we have the ability to identify a wide range of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, and algae. Our testing capabilities can provide information on the following:

  • Nuisance growth and bio fouling
  • Aerobic and anaerobic plate counts
  • Thermophilic and psychrophilic plate counts
  • Hydrocarbon utilizing bacteria (HUB)
  • Sulphur reducers or oxidizers
  • Parasitic oocytes
  • Iron bacteria

Testing and identification for other microorganisms is available on request.

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