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Field Services

Chlorine Dioxide Treatment

Integrated Explorations has developed a proprietary chlorine dioxide treatment process, used to disinfect work areas and sterilize research equipment without corrosion or leftover residue. This process has been used to resolve persistent bacterial and fungal contaminations, as well as to remove a wide range of odours. Specific levels of application meet CFIA regulations.

Environmental Monitoring

In addition to our sampling services, the team at Integrated Explorations also offers routine monitoring and testing for production plants. Our team can provide air, soil, and water monitoring for microorganisms and chemical contaminants in these production environments.

Environmental Sampling

Integrated Explorations provides accurate and representative sampling services for evaluating potential sources of contamination by bacteria, fungi, or algae. Our team has over 40 years experience in sampling across a range of environments, including production plants, open field, or even underwater.

Our technicians are equipped with the latest sampling equipment and field kits. We understand how to map out potential sources of contamination and preserve samples for laboratory analysis. We can survey for microorganisms and chemical contaminants in air, soil, or water.

Scientific Diving

Integrated Explorations offers scientific diving services for environmental sampling and survey projects. With four decades of experience in this field, our environmental dive team has the ability to complete complex and technically-demanding survey projects under a wide range of conditions.

Although we have offered scientific diving for a wider range of projects in the past, we are currently limiting our scientific diving services to Species at Risk (SAR) surveys, and challenging underwater environmental projects. Contact us for further details.

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