laboratory services
Biogas Systems Services
Services for Anaerobic Digester Operations

This lab section supports clients specifically involved in running anaerobic digesters for biogas production. Our combined expertise in microbiology, analytical chemistry, and environmental biotechnology is applied to providing both routine as well as specialized testing and bench scale process simulations. Bench scale anaerobic digesters are run on a continuous basis in this lab facility providing a continuous supply of active methanogens with which to seed new lab scale digester projects.

Feedstock Characterization
  • TS, TSS, TDS, VS, VSS, TN, NH3, TP, pH, COD, C:N, Total Sulphur
  • Proteins, Fats, Oils, and Carbs
  • Macro & Micro Nutrients
  • Organic and Metallic Contaminants
Digestate Analysis
  • VFA, Alkalinity, FOS/TAC
  • Total Sulphur, BOD, COD
  • TS/VS, Heavy Metals, NH3
  • Volatile Fatty Acid Profile
  • Macro & Micro Nutrient Profiling
BioActivity Analysis
  • BMP – Biochemical Methane Potential
  • ATA – Anaerobic Toxicity Assay
  • ATS – Anaerobic Toxicity Screening Test
  • Mass Balance
BioGas Systems Process Consulting
  • Troubleshooting
  • Mixed Feedstock Formulation
  • Advanced Process Development
Continuous Fermentation Testing
  • Bench Scale Testing: 10 – 20L Digesters
  • Pilot Scale Testing: 120 – 250L Digesters
  • Pathogen Detection
  • Microbial Population Profiling