laboratory services
Algae Tech Services

This lab section focuses primarily on clients requiring support in industrial algae production, and algal research and development. Specialized facilities are available for maintaining and testing photosynthetic microorganisms, including various types of bench scale photo bioreactors for algal process evaluation and sterile batch production testing. We also provide large volumes of sterilized media and pure cultures for seeding full scale algae bioreactors.

Contract R&D experience includes; investigating natural algae blooms, developing perfusion growth chamber test methods, metals bioaccumulation, growth optimization studies, and acid lakes algae.

Culture Maintenance
Providing a continuous supply of viable cultures for seeding full scale production systems, and laboratory screen tests
  • Maintain proprietary algal strains
  • Isolate new strains from natural sources
  • Select optimum maintenance media
  • Provide mass cultures to seed large systems
  • Preserve key cultures by cryogenic storage
Environmental Screening
To determining optimum environmental conditions required by various algae to achieve their maximum growth potential and desired biochemical composition.
  • Determine optimum growth in various media
  • Determine optimum environmental conditions for growth
  • Develop new strains to meet process requirements
Process Simulation
Run bench scale photo bioreactors to optimize the productive capacity of pilot and full scale systems
  • Design and construct custom bench scale photo bioreactor systems.
  • Establish control parameters for optimizing algal production at pilot scale.
  • Produce mass batches of algae for biochemical analysis.
  • Evaluate new production strategies using bench scale bioreactor.
Analytical Support
Provide analytical chemistry and microbiology support for quality assurance monitoring, product advancement, and process trouble shooting.
  • Investigate microbial contamination
  • Identify bacteria, yeasts, moulds, and algae
  • Analyse liquid media composition
  • Analyse biochemical composition of algae batches
  • Evaluate harvesting and extraction methods